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All changes in ownership require updated title records. Note: requirements may vary depending on State Laws.

Documentation related to the changes in ownership must be filed in the County or Parish where the Well(s) are located.

Please include a cover letter providing the owner number for the account and current contact information with any correspondence sent.

Please do not mail original documents, only copies.

Required Documentation

Personal Name Change
Marriage or Divorce – Copy of Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree and conveyance documents if applicable.

Legal Name Change – Court Order

Attorney-In-Fact, Power of Attorney, or Appointment of Agent or Agency – Copy of power of attorney or agency agreement

Appointment of Legal Guardianship – Copy of Birth Certificate or court order designating guardianship.

Appointment of Conservatorship – Court Order

Company / Corporate Name Change
Merger – Certificate of Merger and W-9

Name Change – Certificate evidencing name change

Sale or Purchase
Recorded copy of deed, assignment or conveyance

Death of an Owner or Co-Owner:
Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship and Tenants by Entirety – Copy of Death Certificate

Life Tenant – Copy of Death Certificate, recorded documentation creating the life estate with list of names and addresses of remaindermen

Death of Owner / Tenant in Common with a Will and the Will was probated
Copy of Death Certificate, Probated Will, and Letters of Testamentary or Letters of Authority (Probated Will and Death Certificate must be filed in the County or Parish where the Well(s) are located)

Death of Owner / Tenant in Common without a Will or Will was not probated
Copy of Death Certificate with Recorded Affidavit of Heirship

If the interest has not been deeded, conveyed or assigned to the trust, the property is not officially in the Trust. In order to transfer the interest into the trust, a deed, assignment or conveyance needs to be completed and then recorded in each county or parish where the well(s) are located. Please provide a copy of these recorded documents along with a copy of the Trust or Certificate of Trust Existence and Authority.

Change in Trustee
Resignation – Copy of Trustee Resignation and Appointment of Successor Trustee, along with a copy of Trust or Certificate of Trust Existence and Authority.

Death – Copy of Death Certificate or appointment of Successor Trustee with a copy of the Trust or Certificate of Trust Existence and Authority.

Termination of Trust
Copy of Dissolution of Trust and recorded deed, conveyance or assignment.

Documentation may be submitted by mail, fax or e-mail

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